Open Letter to Bexar County Democratic Party Chairman Dan Ramos

March 12, 2011 - 1:26am dionxzmc 0

Dear Chairman Ramos:

As President of the Texas Stonewall Democratic Caucus, I am writing this open letter in response to remarks you made that were posted on the blog of the San Antonio Current this past Friday, March 11. Since I also happen to live in Bexar County and am an elected Democratic Precinct Chair, I am personally motivated to respond.

I was appalled and saddened by your remarks in which you compare LGBT Democrats and Stonewall Democrats, in particular, to "termites" and the "Nazi Party". You also falsely assume that the Stonewall Democrats is made up of almost exclusively Anglo members ("Nazis" in your words). If you would have bothered to learn more about our organization, you would have learned that Latinos occupy leadership positions in six of our biggest chapters in the state (Dallas, Denton County, Houston, Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio and Tarrant County).

Additionally, you attacked the African-American Community by implying that our African American brothers and sisters assume privileged status just because they are "black." Our history has shown that minorities of every color have fought hard to achieve equality in this society through protests, court battles and executive orders. To diminish that struggle by using a bad metaphor is disgusting.

These hateful remarks, laced with profanity, are unbecoming the honorable office to which you were elected.

As County Chair of the Bexar County Democratic Party, you are responsible for adhering to the 2010 Texas Democratic Party Platform, which includes "We believe in and support the repeal of discriminatory laws and policies against members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community."

Members of Stonewall Democrats across Texas strongly condemn the hateful language you used towards LGBT, African-American and Anglo Texans in the interview with the San Antonio Current.  Our members, who come from every race and ethnicity believe in tolerance, acceptance and civility in our quest for equality in this nation. Your words do not reflect the true soul of the Texas Democratic Party and your words grossly misrepresent the mission and purpose of the Stonewall Democrats. You have embarrassed our elected officials, Democrats across Texas and, most acutely, the Bexar County Democratic Party.

I call on you to apologize for the offensive remarks you have made. If you cannot find it in your heart to apologize, then I ask you to do the honorable thing and step down as County Chair of the Bexar County Democratic Party.
Respectfully yours,
Daniel C. Graney
Texas Stonewall Democratic Caucus
Bexar County Democratic Party Precinct Chair for Precinct 3122